Business Domain



  • Roads and bridges
  • Ports
  • Inland Waterways
  • Airport
  • Railway Track, tunnels, viaducts, bridges
  • Urban Public Transport (except rolling stock in case of urban road transport)


  • Electricity Generation
  • Electricity Transmission
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Oil pipelines
  • Oil/Gas/Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility
  • Gas pipelines

Water Sanitation

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Water supply pipelines
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewage collection, treatment and disposal system
  • Irrigation (dams, channels, embankments etc)
  • Storm Water Drainage System
  • Slurry Pipelines


  • Telecommunication (fixed network)
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Telecommunication and Telecom Services

Social and Commercial Infrastructure

  • Education Institutions (capital stock)
  • Hospitals (capital stock)
  • Three-star or higher category classified hotels located outside cities with population of more than one million
  • Common infrastructure for industrial parks, SEZ, tourism facilities and agriculture markets
  • Post harvest storage infrastructure for agriculture and horticultural produce including cold storage
  • Terminal markets
  • Soil-testing laboratories;
  • Cold Chain
  • Convention Centres with project cost of  more than Rs.300 crore each

Other Sectors

  • Mobile telephony services/ companies providing cellular services
  • Mining
  • Exploration
  • Refining


IIFC (UK) Limited shall finance only commercially viable projects. Viable projects may also include those projects that will become viable after receiving viability gap funding under a Government scheme. In order to be eligible for funding under SIFTI, a project should be implemented (i.e. developed, financed and operated for the project term) by: (i) A Public Sector Company or, (ii) A Private Sector Company selected under a PPP initiative, or (iii) A Private Sector Company, provided that:

  • IIFC (UK) Limited shall assign overriding priority to PPP projects that are implemented by Private Sector Companies selected through a competitive bidding process.
  • The total lending for private sector projects shall not exceed 50 percent of the lending programme of the Company in any accounting year.
  • The service to be provided by the infrastructure project is regulated, or the project is being set up under an MOU arrangement with the Central Government, any State Government or a PSU.
  • The tenor of IIFC (UK) lending to private sector projects should be larger than that of the longest tenor commercial debt by at least two years.
  • The project should be implemented through a Project Company set up on a non-recourse basis.

Ceiling on Sanction of Loans

The loan amount to the project company should not exceed: (i) twenty percent of the project cost, (ii) eighty percent of Lead Bank’s share, and (iii) cost of the import of capital equipment and machinery, whichever is the lowest.

Loan Tenor

Long Term Debt means the debt provided by IIFC (UK) Limited to the Project Company where the average maturity for repayment exceeds 8.5 years.

Lending by IIFC (UK) Limited to be treated as ECB

The lending by IIFC (UK) Limited to the project(s) would be treated as external commercial borrowings (ECBs), as permitted under the extant guidelines. Such lending would, accordingly, be subject to the ECB conditions and the reporting & disclosure requirements prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time.

Disbursement Procedure

The disbursement of the loan to the project shall be made to the standard supplier(s) of the equipment directly as per Letter of Credit, based on the confirmation from the lead/designated bank on receipt of satisfactory reports from the project and fulfilment of other prescribed requirements. In case, there is/are any other bank(s) participating in the foreign currency loan to such project(s) and an escrow account for disbursement of loans is maintained by one of such banks outside India for the project, the disbursement of IIFC (UK) Limited may be considered for routing through the said account for onward payment to the standard supplier(s).

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